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Find doctors of the future. They read in your DNA to make you more resistant to age

If you are young and healthy, have your DNA securely stored in a Swiss Databank. This will necessarily be useful someday

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Your DNA extracted, purified, conditioned and protected for more than 10 years.

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For immediate research, but also for distant discoveries in the future

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Your DNA will be stored for years and no one will touch it. you remain the only master of future research

Risks of cancers, particular intolerances, medical advice in preventions, personalized treatments, cosmeceuticals mollecular stopaging

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Medicines Risks of Cancers

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Medicines Particular Intolerances,

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Treatments and Cosmeceuticals Mollecular Stop-Aging

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Incorpore Family Office provides all the necessary additional services (specialized medical translations, hotel booking, transfers, visa support, etc.).

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Some signs occur 20 years before the onset of a painful condition, debilitating and become irreversible. The only treatment is in the detection and prevention

Sequencing your DNA

SwissCheckUp aims to provide the most advanced clinical genetics services, and make them accessible to the largest possible group of patients through strategic partnerships.

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